Environmental protection idea



Governance Policy

The company has been founded to follow the "environmental governance guidelines for pollution control, clean production, waste, beautify the environment". Since 2006 the company have invested about 30million, and has established a wastewater treatment station, gas station, workshop pretreatment gas processing station, boiler desulphurization and dust removal facilities, wastewater outfall line monitoring, hazardous solid waste storage hydrochloric acid recovery device, gas boiler and other environmental protection facilities.

Committed to environmental protection, adhere to sustainable development

In 2003, the company won the honorary title of the first batch of green enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and passed the review in 2012. In 2006 it began to run ISO14000 environmental management system, and passed the Shanghai quality system certification center environmental management certification audit and annual review. The company continued to carry out cleaner production, in 2007 and 2012 respectively, and passed through the first round of Wenzhou cleaner production and the second round of audit acceptance. In 2017 the company will carry out the third round of audit acceptance. In 2013, the company carried out the chemical industry improvement work, and in 2014 successfully passed the Dongtou district and Wenzhou two upgrading acceptance.

In 2015, the company carried out activities to create a national environmental protection model city, and accepted the national environmental protection department's audit and acceptance, and got a higher evaluation. In 2017, the company continued to raise the level of environmental protection management and facilities and equipment. Recently, according to the Zhejiang provincial Environmental Protection Agency requirements, the organic waste gas VOC remediation was upgraded.

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