Zhou Jiangyong, Secretary of the Wenzhou municipal Party Committee, Inspected the Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Zhou Jiangyong Inspected the Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Zhou Jiangyong Secretary (right two) and Yan chairman cordial exchanges


On the morning of May 18, 2017, Wenzhou municipal party committee secretary Zhou Jiangyong and his party inspected the Zhejiang Chengyi pharmaceutical industry Co,ltd. Municipal Party Committee, Secretary General Wang Jun, Dongtou district party secretary Wang Jiaohu, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and district chief Lin Xia accompanied by research.

Zhou Jiangyong Inspected the Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Visit the coal gasification operation room

 Zhou Jiangyong Inspected the Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


New light inspection equipment

Yan Yiyi, chairman of the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry, Zhou Jiangyong, Secretary of intent, reported on the listing of enterprises, production and management conditions, development planning, and ongoing investment projects. Secretary Zhou Jiangyong listened carefully to the Yan Yiyi report to the chairman, and visited the workshop production company modernization and the New District of Dongtou's first coal gas (natural gas) boiler room, asked in detail about the production and operation of coal gas, the relevant circumstances, the person in charge, front-line staff face-to-face communication company.

Secretary Zhou Jiangyong congratulated the Chengyi as Dongtou's first pharmaceutical enterprises listed on the main board, chairman of Chengyi and take root Island, deep rooted in pharmaceutical industry for fifty years said that, to attach great importance to environmental protection, Chengyi pharmaceutical coal gas appreciation initiative. He encouraged the enterprises to borrow a boat to go to sea, climb through the ladder, the use of capital market to further expand the platform, excellent benefits and strong strength, the vanguard role of the listed companies in the development of regional economy, development of industrial transformation and upgrading of the new blue ocean.

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