Cheng Yi Pharmaceutical Company's 50 Years - Yan Yiyi and His Marine Medical Legend

On March 15, 2017, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry (603811, SH) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the twentieth listed company in Wenzhou.
As a company founded in 1966, the "time-honored" pharmaceutical companies, after more than half a century after the storm, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry has become a comprehensive modern pharmaceutical enterprises which specially produce capsules, tablets, injections, APIs and intermediates.

Yan Yiyi, chairman of the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry, said that the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry since its establishment in 1966 so far, can be described as entrepreneurship 50 years, 50 years of wind and rain, harvest 50 years. From a "two big pot" of small family units of the workshop type, rooted in the island, adhere to the main industry, the development of the national pharmaceutical industry well-known enterprises, through a period of painstaking effort and sweat paved road of struggle.
In the listing after the fund-raising, Chengyi will be achieved on the company's pharmaceutical preparation building, R & D center and marketing network, a comprehensive upgrade company in R & D, production and sales in the field of the ability to further enhance the overall implementation, and constantly promote the development of pharmaceutical industry in the future is stable.


"50 years of wind and rain" sincerity"
In October 1966, the predecessor of the pharmaceutical industry - Dongtou County Copper Mt. pharmaceutical factory was established in Wenzhou County of Zhejiang Province in Dongtou province. In the following half century, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry has won a series of outstanding achievements and honors.

In 1986, the company won the two prize of Wenzhou science and technology progress; in 1992, the company was rated as excellent enterprise technological progress; in 1995, the company was rated as AAA grade credit enterprise in Zhejiang province; in 2001, the company became Wenzhou's first fully passed GMP certification of pharmaceutical enterprises; in 2009, the company was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center; 2013 sincerity, pharmaceutical Wenzhou city to become the only one to enter the national pharmaceutical industry profits top 500 pharmaceutical companies.

As a veteran pharmaceutical companies, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry has also achieved fruitful results in product quality. In 1996, the company's production of sulfuric acid amikacin, kanamycin injection in Zhejiang Province as the 1995 annual "high quality products"; 1999, the company passed the GMP certification of TGA Australia, 2000, Chengyi pharmaceutical production of Leigh Bhave Lin and acyclovir was named the 1999 annual Zhejiang province high quality pharmaceutical products "; in 2005, the company passed the the British and American certification. Since then, in 2010, three pharmaceutical raw materials through the United States FDA, the European Union EMEA, Australia TGA and Singapore National Drug Administration jointly certified, this is also the world's only joint certification of scale. Product quality has been unanimously recognized by China and foreign countries.

In fact, this is a series of achievements, Chengyi pharmaceutical industry for over fifty years, the spirit of "diligence and rigorous, innovation and dedication" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the production and operation of enterprise performance, not false not false, fraud, environmental protection product quality is not false, by the high quality products, excellent service, good reputation, such as the name of "sincerity" as a matter of conscience, for the customer, effectively protect the health safety approval.

On the other hand, in March 15th this year, the success of the pharmaceutical industry on the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board listing, but also from the side of the regulation, from the intermediary to the development of the status quo and the future potential of the affirmative.


Chairman of Chengyi — Yanyiyi leads the way
And can not be ignored is that the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry today, but also with the company's real control, chairman Yan Yiyi years of hard work inseparable.

Yan Yiyi, born in 1949, is a senior executive. Former Dongtou County Copper Mt. pharmaceutical factory, Wenzhou third pharmaceutical factory director, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., three temperature medicine import and export executive director and general manager; current executive director, chairman of Zhejiang Jiangsu sincerity sincerity pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd chairman, the sincerity of the small loan company.

Over the years, he won the city's outstanding communist party members, municipal labor model, as well as China's outstanding entrepreneurs, provincial and municipal outstanding entrepreneurs, city entrepreneurs and other titles.

It is understood that Yan Yiyi has a factory for 48 years "honest man", in the last century at the end of 70s, due to the single product and other reasons, the predecessor of pharmaceutical sincerity appear insolvent, enterprises on the verge of collapse. Yan Yiyi is to turn the tide, in 1980, profits of 1000 yuan, after 3 consecutive years of losses.
Yan Yiyi said that the drug is related to people's health and safety, product quality led. Profit should catch quality, lose money, still want to catch quality, quality is benefit. Paying attention to quality is his big secret.

Yan Yiyi said that the future belongs to eco enterprises. Yan Yiyi put forward the principle of "three no harm" to enterprise environmental protection, namely: do not harm yourself, do not harm the surrounding, and do not harm future generations.

Therefore, the construction of environmental public Chengyi Pharmaceutical Engineering "waste management center" in 2005 to invest 30 million yuan, and fully implement the construction of anhydrous workshop, repair old and waste, so that environmental awareness and sustainable production in enterprises under the people; also significant innovation for the manufacture of APIs, and the reaction started to change a little way. Change to the intensive production mode of large and small. Sincerity pharmaceutical "12th Five-Year" period, increase the production and sale of preparation products, the proportion of raw material pharmaceutical output dropped from 85% to 50%.

Yan Yiyi has a clear strategic plan for the pharmaceutical industry. He said, "to operate a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, the key to focus, the eyes should look forward, but also down-to-earth."." Since, environmental protection will be Yan Yiyi as a key project in Chengyi pharmaceutical .



The layout of "small and beautiful" has broad prospects
The first quarter of this year, the Chengyi pharmaceutical revenue and net profit to continue to rise, one quarter operating income reached 82 million 310 thousand yuan, an increase of 16.48%, net profit of 14 million 180 thousand yuan, an increase of 23.75%, the company's main business revenue comes mainly from joint drugs, antiviral drugs, antineoplastic drugs, Anshenbunao drugs, diuretic drugs six categories of products and intermediates.

Located in the island of Chengyi pharmaceutical industry is committed to the development of high-end small varieties of "marine green drugs" and "major diseases" medication". At present, the main products include glucosamine hydrochloride, APIs and preparations, Torsemide Injection and capsule, Gastrodin API, ribavirin and Azathioprine API, etc.

In the flagship of several products, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry can be called the domestic leader. The preparation of glucosamine hydrochloride as an example, at present, the domestic production of the product line were four manufacturers: Chengyi pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Shanxi Zhongyuan aumei pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Co. ltd.. According to the statistics of CFDA south, 2015 four manufacturers total market share of 79.66%, the sincerity of glucosamine hydrochloride preparations pharmaceutical market share increased from 9.97% in 2011 to 2015 of 26.11%, ranked first.

On the Torsemide preparation, at present the domestic production of the products in the top three manufacturers are: Nanjing United pharmaceutical co., ltd, Haichen pharmaceutical, Chengyi pharmaceutical. According to the statistics of CFDA south, the market share of the first three manufacturers in 2015 is 84.94 %, of which the market share of sincerity pharmaceutical industry is 12.39 %, ranking third.

At present, the domestic production and sale of synthetic gastrodin raw materials manufacturers only Chengyi pharmaceutical, Chongqing Southwest Pharmaceutical two factory and Jiangsu Hanstone pharmaceutical three. In the past three years, sales of pharmaceuticals have remained the first, accounting for about half of the market, with a market share of 48.93% in 2015.

In ribavirin API market, competition is basically stable, has been formed to Guangdong as a leader in Zhaoqing Xinghu biological technology co., ltd, Xinxiang pharmaceutical co., ltd and sincerity of pharmaceutical followers in the market, the three accounted for nearly 9 of the market. According to CFDA Southern statistics, in 2015, the company's market share of ribavirin raw materials was about 5.57%, ranking third. In the azathioprine market, pharmaceutical raw material drug sales over the sincerity of azathioprine azathioprine overall API 80% of the market, almost no competition in the market, play a leading role. The sincerity of pharmaceutical use of advanced production technology, impurity limits lower than the statutory standard, to maintain a long-term cooperation with Europe and the United States a number of large pharmaceutical companies, as the domestic raw material drug azathioprine the largest exporter, exports accounted for more than 80%.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, the main pharmaceutical products also have considerable room for market growth.
Among them, in recent years, China's sales of glucosamine hydrochloride each year to more than 20% growth rate upward. From 2 billion 309 million yuan in 2009 increased to $431 million in 2015, the average annual growth rate of 32.28%, significantly higher than osteoarthritis of general medicine market growth, according to the forecast of CFDA market size in 2018 to the south, or domestic glucosamine hydrochloride preparations will exceed 4 billion 100 million yuan.

As a new generation of highly efficient loop diuretics, according to the data of CFDA in the south, torasemide diuretic market share increased from 66.13% in 2015 to 76.45% in 2010, rising trend is obvious, and other varieties of advantages continue to widen, as diuretic drugs in leading varieties. 2008~2015 sales increased from 324 million yuan to 1 billion 118 million yuan, and the market compound growth rate was 19.35%. According to the forecast of CFDA in 2018 to the south, torasemide drug overall market size will exceed 1 billion 700 million yuan.

In addition, sales of gastrodin raw materials in China increased from 33 million 18 thousand yuan in 2010 to 81 million 106 thousand and 700 yuan in 2015, with a CAGR of 19.69%. Future market output and sales will maintain steady growth. Azathioprine API Market in 2010 to 2015 years, the compound growth rate of 24.92%. According to the forecast of CFDA south, the next 2 years, azathioprine raw material medicine market will show a growth trend. Forecast to 2017, China's drug azathioprine market volume will reach 34.93 tons, mainly for export.

In the future, Yan Yiyi said Chengyi pharmaceutical industry will continue to adhere to innovation as the driving force, to talent as the basis, take the market as the guidance, strengthen the scientific research strength, accelerate the upgrading of products, promote the product structure from raw materials to the preparation of transformation, improve the core competitiveness; will further standardize the operation of the company, seize the opportunity, forge ahead,accumulate more reading and experience,enlarge abilities and achieve ambition eventually ! Marine medicine, biological pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine and new preparations will be the main development direction of Chengyi pharmacy, while developing health industry, implementing marketing reform and making full efforts to build the core competitiveness of the company. And rely on the advantages of landing SSE board, through the acquisition of mergers, shares holding and other forms, draw up a plan and step, actively and steadily enter the capital market, so that the industrial chain can be extended , achieve cross-developing of the company and create a new marine medicine legend.

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