Catching Both Ends of Talent Work , Grabing Opportunity of Party Building in Non - Public Enterprises

August 21st at five in the afternoon, the Dongtou district Party Committee Standing Committee, organization minister Wu Zhian and his party visited the Zhejiang Chengyi pharmaceutical industry Co., Ltd  dedicated to the work of talent and non-public enterprises party building research. At the same time, He showed concern to the General Manager RenBingjun who was high - end talents introduced by the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry.

In discussions with executives of the pharmaceutical industry and Party committees, Yan Yiyi, chairman of the pharmaceutical industry introduced new changes in the company after the listing:The company has carried on the innovation to the marketing pattern of the sincerity pharmaceutical company and started to set up its own marketing team and marketing network.At the same time, we have accelerated the establishment of "academicians workstation" and "post doctoral workstations" planning.

Minister Wu said that for well-known enterprises such as the pharmaceutical industry, efforts should be made to introduce top talent into the "national thousand plan" and the "provincial plan for thousands of people",

District will soon introduce incentives and supporting policies to support sustainable development of talent policy. (Wu Fengxu)



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