Chengyi pharmaceutical co.,ltd.focus on new product development and technological innovation, and has dozens of domestic first-class research institutes and universities established long-term technical cooperation, with dozens of experts advisory group, research and development and technology innovation key intermediate preparation, active pharmaceutical ingredients and different categories of.

Chengyi pharmaceutical co.,ltd. also has its own R & D departments, 3 research institutes and 2 in accordance with the requirements of GMP test, and the establishment of the Department of medicine, pharmacy experts from the domestic senior leadership, responsible for the development of new drugs and other related work report.

In recent years, Chengyi pharmaceutical co.,ltd. has developed Leigh Bhave Lin, A Silowe pharmaceutical, azathioprine, clindamycin, erythromycin stinoprat, N-acetylcysteine, torasemide and glucosamine hydrochloride and many other high-tech products of the same varieties also formed from raw materials to injections and capsules of series products of mass production, and achieved good economic benefits.


Production scale
6 production workshops meeting GMP standards
2 preparation workshops
1 medium test room
105 50L to 10000L glass lined and stainless steel reaction kettle
Total response capacity: 260 M3
[reaction temperature: -90 DEG C to 180 DEG C
Pressure range: -0.1Mpa - 8 MPa
Clean area: 10 (level 100000)

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