Chengyi pharmaceutical focus on new product development and technological innovation, and has dozens of domestic first-class research institutes and universities established long-term technical cooperation, with dozens of experts advisory group, research and development and technology innovation key intermediate preparation, active pharmaceutical ingredients and different categories of.
The enterprise can produce more than 60 varieties, hundreds of specifications of drugs, the main products include raw material medicine and preparation of glucosamine hydrochloride capsules, gastrodin and Torsemide Injection, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials and other Leigh Bhave Lin and azathiopurine. The company's "southern" and "Ankang two" trademark was named Zhejiang province famous trademark, is a national key high-tech enterprises, and obtained a number of patents.
The company has passed the Chinese GMP, the United States FDA, the European Union EMEA, Australia TGA and ISO9001, ISO14001 series certification. Especially, in September 2010, the company successfully passed by the Australian TGA, American FDA, European EMEA and Singapore HAS (as an observer) four international GMP audit, this is so far the only international a joint audit.


Production technology
—Acylation reaction
Acylation, or acylation (of acylation), is a compound that provides an acyl group for the reaction of hydrogen or other groups of acyl groups in organic chemistry, called acylation agents.
—Ammoniation reaction
Ammoniation, referred to as ammoniation, refers to the reaction of introducing amino groups in organic molecules. Introduction of amino reduction and ammonia solution. Reduction process, such as nitrobenzene, reduced to aniline.
—Esterification reaction
Esterification is a kind of organic chemical reaction, which is the reaction of alcohol with carboxylic acid or inorganic oxygen acid to produce ester and water.
Alkylation in the presence of a certain temperature and catalyst, gas and a small amount of ethylene propylene and butylenes rapid alkylation reaction with benzene catalytic cracking dry, and a small amount of benzene and ethylbenzene production of sbr.
—Elimination reaction
An organic compound that reacts with other substances and loses some of the atoms or functional groups (called leaving radicals).
—Fermentation reaction
The anaerobic exogenous hydrogen acceptor under the condition of reducing power generated by the substrate after dehydrogenation and direct transfer to an endogenous metabolites accept without respiratory chain, in order to achieve a kind of biological oxidation substrate level phosphorylation capacity.
—Halogenation reaction
The reaction of hydrocarbons or other groups of organic compounds with halogens to form halogenated organic compounds.

—Bromination reaction
In organic compounds, hydrogen is substituted by hydrogen in molecules to produce bromine containing compounds.
—Chlorination reaction
Chlorination usually refers to the introduction of chlorine into a compound.
—Hydrogenation reaction
Hydrogenation is the reaction of organic compounds with hydrogen molecules.
—Hydrolysis reaction
Hydrolysis is a substitution reaction, one of the solvent solutions.
—Asymmetric chemistry
Asymmetric synthesis is an organic reaction in which the non chiral units of the substrate molecule are transformed into chiral units by the heterogeneous reaction of the reactants to produce heterogeneous products".
—Glycation reaction
Glycation is an effective way to improve the functional properties of proteins.
—Nitrosation reaction
The reaction of hydrogen in molecules of an organic compound by the substitution of nitroso (-NO).
—Grignard reaction
Grignard reaction referred to as "Grignard reaction", is the use of one of the most important organic reactions of Grignard reagent.

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