Talent is the foundation, quality is life.
The company's development strategy and development planning based on optimal allocation, the company will implement the optimal allocation of human resources, adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen the introduction and training of talents, improve the incentive mechanism, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, realize the sustainable development of the company.


1, The introduction of external talent.
The company will recruit outstanding professional and technical personnel and management talent from the Social circles and universities; to strengthen the focus on the introduction of various types of technical personnel and management personnel, the company strong technical force of scientific research and management team, optimize personnel structure of enterprises, to meet the needs of sustainable development of enterprises.


2, Strengthen internal training.
The company will further improve the personnel training mechanism, accelerate the training of senior management personnel and technical personnel, improve staff cultural level and professional quality. At the same time, the company will make full use of external scientific research units and good relations of cooperation, to promote the company's personnel training.


3, Improve the incentive mechanism.
The company will further improve the internal management responsibility system, improve the incentive mechanism and constraint mechanism of technology and management personnel; strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, enhance the employee's home of the common sense of responsibility and mission, create a good internal soft environment and harmonious happy life atmosphere.


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