Management control
The company implements the quality management system which is directly responsible for the general manager, advanced equipment and scientific management, so as to create high-quality product quality.
According to the international organization for standardization and management of production requirements, the company since 1998, invested a lot of money for the improvement of GMP facilities, machinery and equipment, sanitation, built garden style production plant; and the introduction of advanced equipment, instruments, built with the world's advanced level testing center testing instrument.

According to the requirements of GMP management, the company established and include QA, QC, raw materials procurement, production and operation of equipment, metering, warehousing, sales management, hundreds of standard operating procedures (SOP), to improve the standard management procedures (SMP) and standard technology program (STP); and by strengthening the training and education, strengthen the employee skills assessment, to enhance the quality of full consciousness, so that the level of production management improve product quality to achieve a higher level.

Perfect management system and high-quality product quality, so that the domestic and international official audit institutions and customer quality audit departments are satisfied with the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry, but also let the Chengyi pharmaceutical products sold at home and abroad.

In December 1998, the company leading product raw materials Leigh Bhave Lin took the lead through the TGA Australia and the European Union, Canada and other relevant agencies GMP certification, and with its exquisite manufacturing technology, advanced production management, excellent product quality and become the brand-name products in Zhejiang province and Zhejiang province high quality pharmaceutical products, won the fourth session of the China new product exposition gold; antiviral drugs acyclovir raw medicine, Amikacin injection, Lincomycin Hydrochloride Injection were rated as high-quality products of high quality pharmaceutical products in Zhejiang province and Zhejiang province; Shaweiluo (acyclovir) capsule is "99 international medical instruments, Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo achievements and academic exchange seminar" named the outstanding achievement award. The company of "southern" brand trademark was named Zhejiang province famous trademark.



Quality Control
Chengyi pharmaceutical  established advanced modern pharmaceutical analysis laboratory, with analysis of experienced experts and the import of advanced analytical equipment, according to the requirements of GMP, the drug production of the strict quality inspection and analysis, all products strongly support the Chengyi pharmaceutical production and research and development. We have a set of strict rules of management, attaches great importance to the stability of experimental products, validation of analytical methods, transfer and analysis method of super gauge (OOS) survey, to ensure the accuracy and scientificity of each data analysis. Our main analytical facilities are:

High performance liquid chromatograph
Gas chromatograph (with headspace sampling)
The Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
UV VIS spectrophotometer
Automatic polarimeter
Differential scanning calorimetry, DSC
Thin layer analyzer
Malvin particle size analyzer
Carbon analyzer
DL53 automatic potentiometric titration apparatus
DL38 cassette moisture meter
Dissolution tester
Constant temperature and humidity stability test box
Microbiological testing room

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