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*Company headquarters: 86-577-6348-9535 director Lin

*Zhejiang and Shanghai contact: Manager Wang  Tel: 86-577-8835-2301   Mobile: 86-136-7673-0596

*Fujian contact: Zhuang manager    Tel: 86-0591-8370-5642    Mobile: 86-139-6890-6677

*Jiangsu contact: Liu manager     Mobile: 86-189-3001-1661 

*Anhui contact: Lin director    Tel: 86-0577-6348-9535    Mobile: 86-189-0666-1000

*Shandong contact: Manager Wang    Tel: 86-021-6575-3277    Mobile: 86-139-0171-5097

*Jiangxi contact:  Manager  Qiu   Mobile: 86-186-5912-1272 

*E-mail: neixiao@chengyipharma.com  


[Domestic Sales of Raw Materials] Contact information
East China contact:  Manager Li   Tel: 86-0577-6348-3979   Mobile phone: 86-135-8769-8762
Southern China District contact: 
Manager Zheng Tel: 86-0577-6348-3979   Mobile phone: 86-138-6775-1560
Northwest contact:  Manager Yan   Tel: 86-577-6348-3979    Mobile: 86-139-6890-6875
North China contact:  Manager he   Tel: 86-577-6348-3979    Mobile: 86-135-8768-2998

[Foreign Trade Export] Contact information
Tel: 86-021-6522-8989,  86-6575-2735 (Shanghai),   86-577-6348-3980 (Wenzhou)

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