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Zhejiang Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.was founded in 1966, is a professional production of capsules, injections, tablets, APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates of the comprehensive modernization of pharmaceutical enterprises.National key High-tech Enterprises, the National Shou contract re-credit units, provincial and municipal key enterprises, Dongtou District local private enterprises leading enterprises. March 15, 2017 to the Shanghai stock Board.


The company can produce more than 60 varieties, nearly hundred specifications of drugs, the main products include glucosamine hydrochloride raw materials and preparations, torasemide injection and capsules, Gastrodin raw materials, ribavirin and purine raw materials, such as drugs.All products have passed the National GMP certification, a number of products through the United States FDA, EU EMEA, Australia TGA, the United Kingdom MHRA, Mexico Cofepris and other countries in the certification.

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Good faith to the world, meaning benefits people's livelihood. Chengyi drug industry ingenuity 50, the spirit of "strict diligence, innovation and dedication," The entrepreneurial spirit, in good faith for customers, safe and effective health protection. Through High-quality products, excellent service, good reputation, with domestic and foreign customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, won the trust of the vast number of users.


Get something concisely from a broad reading and act with restraint on the base of a large accumulation.In the future, the Chengyi pharmaceutical industry will take the marine medicine, the biological pharmacy, the Chinese Medicine and the new preparation as the main development direction, simultaneously develops the healthy industry, implements the marketing change, fully builds the company's core competitive power;With the advantage of the board, through the acquisition of mergers and acquisitions, share holding and other forms, there are plans, steps, and actively and steadily into the capital market, so that the industrial chain can be extended to achieve the company's leap-forward development, to create a new legend of marine Medicine!



Zhejiang Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.




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