Responsibility idea
Although corporate social responsibility does not have a single definition, essentially, companies pursuing this approach need to do three important things:
First: the company recognizes that its business activities will have a big impact on the society in which it is located, and that social development will also affect the company's ability to pursue enterprise success;
Second: as a response, affect the company actively manage their worldwide business activities in the economic, social and environmental aspects, not only to bring benefits to the company's business operations and corporate reputation, but also benefit the area of business community;
Third: the company achieves these benefits by working closely with other groups and organizations, local groups, social and government departments.



Sustainable development responsibility:
Refers to the responsibility of ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises and society. The responsibility can be investigated through two aspects: environmental protection responsibility and innovation responsibility.

The company has been founded to follow the "environmental governance guidelines for pollution control, clean production, waste, beautify the environment", since 2006 have invested in about 30000000, has established a wastewater treatment station, gas station, workshop pretreatment gas processing station, boiler desulphurization and dust removal facilities, wastewater outfall line monitoring, hazardous solid waste storage hydrochloric acid recovery device, gas boiler and other environmental protection facilities.


Legal responsibility:
The duty of a company to fulfill its obligations under the laws and regulations. This responsibility can be investigated through two aspects: tax liability and employer liability.
The company won the contract Shou Credit units, Zhejiang province industry and commerce enterprise credit grade AAA "Shou contract re credit" units, Zhejiang province "double double" advanced enterprise, responsibility and obligation are unified, which is the responsibility of Chengyi pharmaceutical.


Moral responsibility:
The responsibility of a company to meet social norms, norms and values, and to return to society. This responsibility can be investigated from two aspects: internal moral responsibility and external moral responsibility.

First: to strengthen the quality of staff, set a good example, and actively carry out activities
Second: strengthen the company system standards, establish standard values
Third: the company has been adhering to the belief of social return for social services, a difficult help comes from all quarters!
Fourth: do not harm the surrounding, do not harm themselves, do not harm future generations.



Return society


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